EpiAxis has appointed The Sage Group to lead the search for a global strategic partner with whom it can collaborate to exploit its new family of oncology drugs.

EpiAxis Therapeutics is a rapidly growing, Australian-based pharmaceutical discovery company leading the search for control of metastatic cancer based on their fundamental discovery of the epigenetic mechanisms targeting the nuclear bound fraction of the enzyme lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1).

Importantly, EpiAxis has identified the phosphorylated variant of LSD1 that is over
expressed in metastatic disease. It is also the first company to discover and patent LSD1’s nuclear entry pocket for this phosphorylated variant. They hold strong IP on a range of pipeline peptidomimetic molecules targeting control of metastasis.

EpiAxis has preclinical peptide candidates, in a druggable format, that are best in class. These are the dual acting nuclear inhibitors of LSD1 and thereby can control metastasis.

Founding scientist Professor Sudha Rao has a deep understanding of the structure activity relationship of drugs that more effectively inhibit the phosphorylated variant LSD1 by targeting a unique nuclear-pocket in the molecule.

Inhibiting LSD1 with such compounds has two key effects. One modulates the immune-oncology axis thereby controlling the proliferation of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and cancer stem cells. The second stops and reverses the epithelial to mesenchymal transition of the metastatic process.

EpiAxis envisions a relationship that will provide the partner with special epigenetic knowledge and expertise related to LSD1 and novel mechanisms of inhibition as well as the EpiAxis drug candidates. These will be offered in return for worldwide rights to products advanced by the partner’s clinical, regulatory, and commercialization capabilities.

EpiAxis has long lasting and issued patents protecting its discoveries and its pipeline.

Dr Jeremy Chrisp, CEO of EpiAxis, said: “Our pipeline has the potential to become the leader in epigenetic control of metastatic cancer.”

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