EpiAxis Therapeutics CEO Dr Jeremy Chrisp this week joined Tech Tuesdays, a Canadian Securities Exchange virtual showcase that features in-depth discussions with companies shaking up the technology industry.

The episode – Precision Medicine in Cancer Treatment – was a collaboration between CSE and US Angels, with a focus on innovative methods to treat cancer that aim to be safer, less costly and more effective.

Dr Chrisp appeared alongside EpiVax Therapeutics CEO Nicole Ruggiero and Siva Therapeutics CEO Len Pagliaro, alongside guest moderator Mark Francis as they answer questions about their sector and the potential for their technology in the near future.

EpiAxis Therapeutics has a focus on the treatment, diagnosis and monitoring of cancer, and the prevention of its recurrence. The company’s lead therapeutic candidates targets the eraser enzyme lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1) and has a dual mechanism to treat cancer by targeting the dormant cancer cells that seed cancer recurrence and concurrently reinvigorates exhausted immune cells.

When asked what the “aha” moment was for EpiAxis in its research process, Dr Chrisp explained it was when the company discovered that a combination strategy of an LSD1 inhibitor and standard of care stopped tumour growth.

“Whereas the standard of care on its own did not and LSD1 inhibition on its own did not, but it was the combination,” he said. “And that set us off from day one understanding epigenetics in a very different way.”

Watch the Tech Tuesdays episode below. EpiAxis’ presentation begins at 16.30: