An introduction to EpiAxis

EpiAxis Therapeutics is a privately funded, leading epigenetics company with a focus on developing novel therapies to overcome treatment resistance and prevent cancer recurrence. EpiAxis was established in 2015 by the Univeristy of Canberra. Our lead therapeutic program targets the epigenetic eraser enzyme, lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1) combined CoRest axis using a novel dual mechanism that:

1) Targets the dormant cancer cells that seed cancer recurrence and, concurrently

2) reinvigorates exhausted immune cells for improved cancer clearance.

Our Phase 1 proof of concept study has validated LSD1 as a target and confirms inhibition of LSD1 reprograms cancer cells.

We have dominant intellectual property across our first-in-class assets covering targeting of LSD1 in combination with surgery, other drugs including chemotherapy, immuno-therapy, radiotherapy across the metastatic setting. We also have projects targeting PKC theta and PD1/PDL1.

Watch our corporate presentation below:

Our news

It’s an exciting time for EpiAxis Therapeutics, as we welcome new investors and develop additional IP.


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Our people

EpiAxis Therapeutics CEO Dr Jeremy Chrisp and Chair Dr David Fuller.


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