EpiAxis Therapeutics (EpiAxis) is pleased to announce that newly completed research confirms its lead compound epiresatide has a novel mode of action as a first-in-class CoRest Complex Disruptor.

Epiresatide has been specifically designed using AI to address the challenge of cancer treatment resistance and prevention of cancer recurrence.

New data independently generated by collaborators in France, Germany and the United States confirms that epiresatide disrupts both the LSD1-CoRest and HDAC-CoRest axes without interfering with LSD1 or HDAC’s catalytic sites.

The impact of this novel mode of action is to restore transcriptional balance on both cancer and immune cells. At a clinical level, this novel Co-Rest Complex Disruption is expected to result in anti-cancer activity without the severe toxicity traditionally associated with anti-cancer therapies.

This discovery is also commercially significant with first-to-market potential and wide application possible across both major solid tumour and haematological indications. This is supported by the strong IP position of EpiAxis.

EpiAxis CEO Dr Jeremy Chrisp said the company was planning to rapidly progress the pre- clinical development of epiresatide, marking a significant milestone in the Company’s evolution.

“We are delighted with this exciting data, which we believe is transformative for the Company and cancer patients alike,” Dr Chrisp said.

“Given the first-to-market potential of this novel CoRest Complex Disruptor, EpiAxis is actively seeking collaborations and investment opportunities to expand and accelerate the development of epiresatide. To this end, we will be attending ESMO and Bio-Europe, and welcome the opportunity to discuss our data with all interested parties.”

The highly influential ESMO Congress is being held in Madrid from 20-24 October 2023. Bio-Europe, Europe’s largest partnering conference serving the global biotechnology industry, will take place from 6-8 November 2023 in Munich.

EpiAxis remains dedicated to transforming the lives of cancer patients and meeting the urgent need for more effective treatments. Future updates will be provided on the progress of epiresatide as the company progresses this ground-breaking therapeutic.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Dr Jeremy Chrisp
Phone: +61 421 012 268

For partnering inquiries please contact:

Sander Hoek, Liberi Group


EpiAxis is a leading drug development company that aims to make cancer a chronic disease rather than a fatal one, by using epigenetic science to create a completely different approach to cancer treatment. Our therapies work differently to existing – and often toxic – treatments by restoring transcriptional balance in cancer cells back to being normal cells.

EpiAxis’ lead compound is epiresatide is a generation 2.1 stapled peptide with a highly novel mode of action and first- to- market potential supported by a robust IP position.